A Broad’s Year End Review!

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Well friends, another year is about to end and a new one is approaching- how time flies! This is the time where we look back at the past year- the good, the bad, the in-between and the just plain ugly! We compare what’s changed since the previous years and hope that things have improved, even in the slightest. Whatever hasn’t changed or improved, we hope (or pray) that it’ll happen next year. It’s always good to have faith and see the New Year as a fresh start- a sort of cleanse of the previous year and make room to new and exciting adventures about to occur. The bad is meant to be in the past (and there it should stay).

Overall I had a decent year, a lot of life changing events happened and I feel that 2015 was a year for me to start coming into my own. I got my Bachelor’s degree, built up a blog, and have started what I hope to be, a promising career in writing. Yes certain things could’ve been improved (ahem-my love life), but in the end what really matters is that I’m still here! I have my health, a working brain (most of the time), and a great group of people who are always there when I need them most.

It’s been a year of obstacles and lessons but nonetheless, some beautiful and special moments that I’ll never forget. I’m ready to let go of 2015 and embrace 2016. I cannot predict what will happen; hell I may even be the same place I am right now by this time next year! But I know that I will make the best of it and enjoy it no matter what may come my way. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite events of 2015!

I saw the New Kids On The Block in concert (Again!)

I know a lot of you reading this are Blockheads! And you should be proud of it! The New Kids On the Block still got the right stuff! This was my third time seeing them in concert and it will not be my last! With Nelly and TLC as their opening act, this concert was a trip down memory lane and brought me back to my youth- the simpler times! Whether you’re a huge fan or still debating if they can still perform, I urge you to please go see them at least once. They’re still hot, they can still move, and I will be their Cover Girl and loving them forever!


I went to my very first Jazz-fest show!

The older I get (not that I’m that old!) I’m really trying to be more adventurous and enjoy our fair city of Montreal. When I was younger (a couple of years ago) I tended to always do the same things. Now that I’ve educated myself and discovered a newfound love for Jazz music, I really wanted to experience the Montreal Jazz Festival. When I heard on the radio that there would be a show dedicated to the works of Australian director Baz Lurhman- I had to go! I love his films, especially Romeo & Juliet and The Great Gatsby. They’re so visually stunning and a pleasure to watch. What better tribute show to have during Jazz-fest! It did not disappoint! His stories intertwined in beautiful musical numbers with fabulous costumes and over the top dance routines. It was so entertaining I didn’t want it to end! The first thing I did when I got home was binge watch his films. I’m still picking out glitter from my purse! I can’t wait to see what tribute they do next year. Maybe… Alfred Hitchcock!

baz lurhman

I saw Weird Al Yankovic in concert! (Yup- Weird Al!)

When I told everyone I knew that I wanted to see the free outdoor Weird Al concert, the main reaction I got was- why? Umm, why not! It’s Weird Al freakin Yankovic! Does anyone not remember his great tracks like “Amish Paradise”, “I’m Fat”, “Like A Surgeon”, etc! I remember loving his music as a child and even owning Bad Hair Day on cd (I believe I still have it). It was a fun evening with a great turnout, I even ran into some friends! Very entertaining with lots of video images that ensued roars of laughter from the crowd. I especially enjoyed when they played his scenes from the Naked Gun films. If you were not enjoying yourself, you had no soul!Weird-Al-Yankovic-Mandatory-Fun

2015 was a great year for movies!

Some great films came out this year, including the much-anticipated Fifty Shades of Gray! Going in, I was prepared for it to be one of the worst films ever made but- it was actually pretty good! Yes it had its flaws however it exceeded my expectations. A lot of funny movies came out this year; my favorites were Spy and Trainwreck. I also quite enjoyed Daddy’s Home and Sisters. 2015 was also quite a year for sequels. I usually dislike sequels thanks to major disappointments like Rush Hour 3, Anchorman 2 and Dumb & Dumber Too but thankfully, the ones I saw this year weren’t bad. Ted 2 was funny and Insurgent was a good follow up to the Divergent series. Furious 7 was action packed and I never thought I would cry during a Fast & the Furious film, thanks to their tribute to the late Paul Walker at the end. Being a fan of the Rocky films, of course I had to see Creed! It was great mix of old and new and really stood out on it’s own with but still included elements of the previous films. At times I had to remind myself that I was in a movie theatre and not in an actual boxing match. Then there was Magic Mike XXL! Ummm… what was I talking about again?!


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