October is quite an interesting month- and not just because of the leaves changing color and the return of pumpkin spice lattes! Now I must tell you something about my relationship with the month of October- it’s often a rocky one! I often refer to it as my curse month. Whatever terrible things or events that could possibly happen to a single human being, usually happen to me in October! I’ve had my heart broken, fights with friends and relatives, gotten horribly ill, awful luck in the employment department, and even lost my grandfather. To me October is a scary month, and not just because of Halloween. I can handle Halloween! What’s a few scary movie marathons or terrifying costumes? But October 2015 actually decided to be kind (somewhat). Minor blips happened but nothing a few glasses (bottles) of wine couldn’t cure. Here are a few highlights from my month of October. Perhaps my curse has finally been broken! (For now at least).

I got my blog up!

The main event of October is that I finally got my blog started up! After months of planning and dedication A Broad’s Life is born and has a place in the world wide web! It was a lot harder than I expected and it’s quite easy to get distracted with other things. Thankfully, through a Kijiji advertisement, I was able to receive assistance from a graphic designer in Ontario (than you Christos!). It’s new, exciting, and quite frankly, nerve wracking. But overall I’m quite pleased with the results and am looking forward to a successful career in blogging (fingers crossed!). Don’t forget to check out my Broad Code! Hopefully it’ll become a sensation! I also would like to give my fellow writers and bloggers a chance to show their work on my site. Just give me a shout and I’ll be glad to show off your hard work. It’s a very Broad Code thing to do!

cute laptop

I saw the Goosebumps movie!

I feel like I’ve waited 20 plus years for this! Growing up I was always an avid reader, a trait that to this day no one knows where I got from. My family members weren’t big readers and I had a book collection that could fill up the Grand Canyon. There were two book series that I was especially fond of: The Babysitters Club and Goosebumps. As soon as I heard they were making a movie based on the Goosebumps books, my first reaction was excitement. My second was- how the hell are they going to pull it off? It’s such a complex series with different characters and changing story lines.

I was fortunate enough to receive advanced screening passes, so I was going to find out! The story is about a teenaged boy named Zach who moves into a new and strange neighborhood (a very common storyline in the book series). He develops a crush on his next door neighbor, Hannah but there’s a catch- her father is none other than R.L. Stine! Stine lives a secluded life and isn’t a fan of, well, anyone! A creepy father doesn’t stop Zach from seeing Hannah. Unfortunately in trying to be a knight in shinning armor, Zach ends up unleashing all of the characters from R.L. Stine’s books! Including Slappy, the devious ventriloquist dummy who quite frankly- always freaked me out! He’s basically a G-rated version of Chucky from the Child’s Play movie franchise. Overall I really liked the movie, Jack Black did a good job of portraying an exaggerated R.L. Stine. The Goosebumps characters and stories brought me back to my youth and made me want to re-read them all over again. For the die-hard Goosebumps fans, keep on eye out for a cameo from R.L. Stine himself. And in true Stine fashion- a mandatory plot twist is guaranteed.


I went to my first art exhibition!

I am by all means no art expert! I often wished I had a better understanding of it. I have visited some of the world’s iconic museums (Louvre, Galleria Accademia, etc), but that’s purely for bragging rights and to see a famous attraction. I got invited to Rosina Bucci’s “Artistic by Nature” art exhibition at the Leonardo Da Vinci Centre in Saint-Leonard. Seeing as I’m becoming more adventurous in my 30’s, I decided to check it out. It was also a good excuse to have dinner before at Café Milano’s! It was lovely evening and I got to run into some familiar and friendly faces. Rosina has such a talent and I could only wish to paint like she does. Her paintings were not only beautiful but really captured Montreal scenery; even the ones that showcased the reality of Montreal winters (reminding us of what we have to look forward to!). The tropical paintings had bright, beautiful colors and immediately put me in a good mood. What appeared to be paintings from exotic Caribbean or African locations were actually inspired by Montreal’s various lakes. I’m always for supporting local talent and was fortunate enough to get the meet the woman behind these masterpieces. Looking forward to seeing her next exhibition!



I had a few laughs!

I love to laugh! I think it’s so important to see the humor in life and laughter really is such great therapy. For a few years now my cousins at Ristorante Da Franco have organized comedy nights where people can enjoy good Italian food and get a healthy dose of laughter at the same time. These comedy nights have become quite popular and their latest show, 2 Guido’s and a Gino, was an exceptionally packed house. It was the first ever tri-lingual show with the comedy trio of Gino Durante, Guido Grasso and my brother Guido Cocomello. Each act had their own flavor to add the table. Durante brought the energy and provided physical comedy, Grasso told funny realistic and relatable stories of growing up in an Italian family, and Guido had his usual charm and carried his dialogue with ease and his natural ability to tell hilarious jokes. If you haven’t been to a comedy show at Da Franco’s yet, please do yourself a favor and go! Good opportunity to try a great restaurant in beautiful Old Montreal.

2 guidos and a gino

October photo courtesy of https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/. Laptop cartoon courtesy of http://watermarked.cutcaster.com/cutcaster-photo-100361026-Cute-laptop.jpg
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